Healthy Living

Your Health is Your Capital.

Have you ever planned to do something and you end up not doing them, maybe you plan to go for a trip, to the beach to relax, to office or work site, or simply doing house chores but you were limited or did not finally do them because of a health challenge?. I had experience that many times, not able to do the things  I planned to do because a health challenge suddenly came up.

Growing up as a kid in my home town, I had so many of such experiences, and between 2019 and end of 2020, I was in and out of the hospital, taken one drug to another, I could not do all the things I planned to do especially during the festive periods of December. As a photographer, I couldn’t cover most of the events I was offered to cover, and I couldn’t travel to the places intended because of health challenges. Sometimes I will just feel very weak,  typhoid, malaria, cool, etc and I was just down.

I came to realized that your health is your capital. There is nothing you can really do when you are literally sick and lying in the hospital bed or just being in the house and taking and living on drugs. One of the greatest assets of a human being is good health. Maintaining good health, will be mankind’s number one goal because good health is the primary capital to any dimension of wealth you want to attain.

Therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle and introducing habits that improve my health is my number one priority in 2021. It can be difficult to change old habits, but there are steps you can literally take to become healthier. This blog will be addressing some of the natural remedies to our health challenges and better still, measures to maintain good health among others.

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